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Lisa Vanderpump: Kyle Richards Spread the Rumor About Erika, Tom’s Legal Woes


The plot thickens. After Camille Grammer claimed that she heard rumors about Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi‘s legal troubles from a fellow Housewife, her former costar Lisa Vanderpump provided the next piece to the puzzle.

“It could be the person that [my husband] Ken [Todd] kicked out of my house,” Vanderpump, 61, said in an interview with Daily Mail TV on Monday, September 27, referring to her infamous argument with Kyle Richards over PuppyGate during Season 9 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

The Vanderpump Rules star also shared that she wasn’t shocked when she learned that it was Richards, 52, who was sharing this information about Erika, 50 and Tom, 82.

“It didn’t surprise me when Camille told me that it was Kyle that had told her the gossip about her supposed friend Erika Jayne,” she added on Monday. “That’s how Kyle works.”

Vanderpump’s clarification comes after Bethenny Frankel recently stated that Erika and Tom’s legal issues was actually a secret that many heard about over the years.

My experience is — especially with the Housewives, but really, everywhere as well — if someone’s flaunting their money, they don’t really have it,” Frankel, 50, said on her “Just B With Bethenny Frankel” podcast on September 16. “Particularly on Beverly Hills, there have been a lot of ‘all show and no go’ girls. The more that they flaunt it and the more that they brag about it, usually there’s something wrong.”

The Real Housewives of New York City alum detailed how her late ex Dennis Shields was the one who warned her about Erika and Tom. After Frankel’s allegations, Grammer, 53, took to social media to confirm that she heard the same information when “one of the housewives mentioned it at Andy [Cohen]’s baby shower” in 2019.

Erika and Tom originally made headlines in December 2020 when they were named in a class action lawsuit that alleged that they embezzled settlement money intended for the families of plane crash victims. The legal issues came one month after the “Pretty Mess” singer filed for divorce from the former lawyer after 20 years of marriage.

The RHOBH star has continued to deny that she knew anything about Tom’s legal woes. He has since been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and dementia and was placed under a conservatorship shortly after, with his brother, Robert Girardi, being named his permanent conservator in July. One month later, Tom moved into a senior care facility that specializes in memory care.

“Erika has no knowledge of the alleged loans or the conversations referred to by Ms. Frankel, which even per Ms. Frankel, didn’t involve Erika,” Evan Borge told Us on September 17. “To me, this is another example of people trying to throw dirt on Erika based on alleged conversations (this time, with an individual, Dennis [Shields], who I understand is deceased) where even the perpetrator of the gossip says Erika wasn’t involved.”

Since then, the Skinnygirl founder has clarified that her comments were taken out of context because she doesn’t actually know any details about anything relating to the Georgia native.

“I don’t quote-unquote know Erika Jayne,” Frankel said in Us‘ exclusive clip of her “Just B With Bethenny Frankel” podcast, from Tuesday, September 28. “I’ve met her and we’ve done this sort of Instagram thing and she was at my house doing the crossover Housewives episode. I have no idea if she knew [about Tom’s actions]. I know nothing about their marriage, nothing about their life. … We’re not all experts on someone else’s lives.”

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