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Is Your Zodiac Sign Destined For Wealth? How Your Astrology Chart Can Show How To Get Rich


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They say that “money doesn’t buy happiness.” I say that tired old phrase is full of it.

Of course, true happiness comes from inside, when you can find contentment with your life as it is, and focus on the positive things instead of worrying about what you don’t have or how to get rich. But not everyone is fixated on their lack of a summer home and a set of jet skis. 

When the things you don’t have include rent or health insurance, you can’t help but worry and be unhappy. A nice pile of money in the bank would really help that sense of contentment along, wouldn’t it?

Money can buy a lot of things that lead to true happiness. There are a lot of people in the world who can’t afford good food, health care, or a safe place to live. Are we going to tell them that money isn’t important, that they should just learn to be happy without it?

It’s one thing to be greedy and hoard so much more money than you’ll ever need, especially if other people don’t have enough to keep themselves above the poverty line. (Most people who feel the need to do that don’t seem very happy, either.) However, there’s nothing immoral or wrong with seeking wealth and comfort, and enjoying it once you’ve got it.

It can seem like destiny really plays favorites when it comes to financial success: some people were lucky enough to have been born into money and haven’t had to work a day in their lives, while most of us are just scraping by no matter how hard we work. I won’t tell you that everyone has an equal chance of “making it,” because no, life isn’t fair.

However, your astrology chart has several elements that will show your potential to become wealthy and what you should focus on to achieve that. Let’s take a look at how to get rich.

The Second House

The zodiac chart is divided into twelve sections that are each associated with a different area of life. The second house rules finances and material assets (like an art collection or other valuable objects), as well as your own personal perspective on what is or is not valuable.

What sign rules your second house? The qualities of that sign will tell you what skills or traits you should develop in order to increase your own personal net worth.

For example, if Gemini rules this section of your chart, you find the greatest value in your relationships and your ability to network. Wealth is most likely to come to you through your connections with other people, no matter what you do for a living.

If Aries rules your second house, you could take advantage of this sign’s fierce sense of independence and start your own business. On the other hand, if dreamy Pisces is found here, you’re going to have to really work on your self-discipline if you want to turn those daydreams into reality.

The Tenth House

This segment rules the professional life, and the sign here can suggest the best career choices for you. Unfortunately, not every job commands a six-figure salary, and the highest-paying jobs in these fields may not be something that you’d really enjoy.

Using the same three examples from above: Gemini in the tenth house suggests that you would do well in any academic or communications field. Clearly, you can earn more money designing social media networks than you would as a high-school teacher.

Aries here implies leadership — again, starting your own business would be fitting, but financially risky. You might instead use those leadership skills to rise through the ranks of an already successful company.

Pisces is a lot more fortunate in the tenth house than in the second since you’ll have opportunities to turn those dreams and into a paying career as an artist or a writer.

The Pars Fortuna (or “Part of Fortune”)

This is a point in the chart that indicates where your greatest success will come from. The formula for finding it is fairly complicated, but any good astrology program will show you where it is in your chart: the symbol is a circle with a cross inside it.

Which house is your Pars Fortuna in? Concentrate your money-making efforts on this area of life. Which of your planets affect it (positively or negatively)? These specific types of energy will be involved in how you make or break your own goals.

The Pars Fortuna is all about this lifetime and this material world, so always interpret it with that foremost in mind. It isn’t too concerned with success on the spiritual plane unless your spirituality has something to do with actual money.

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