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What You Are Most Insecure About According To Your Zodiac Sign



Aries doesn’t have complexes

Uncomfortable in their own skin? Absolute garbage- those born under Aries have a sky-high self-esteem. Put an Aries-born in the company of someone they consider better looking, more interesting, or funnier, however, and the self-doubt will start to sink in. What’s more, to combat this anxiety, they’ll boast and brag to seem better than they actually are. Avoid acting like this or risk developing a superiority complex!Do you hate the shape of your nose? Are you ashamed of your weight? Do you hate your hips? If you answered yes to any of the above, you’re most likely someone that struggles with their self-confidence. Let’s face it, we all have days when we can’t help thinking that we’re worthless, but when they become recurrent it can be problematic for your self-esteem and perception. That’s right, even supermodels struggle to love themselves all the time. Find out what you have trouble loving about yourself based on your zodiac sign.

It can sometimes be difficult to accept our own flaws and make peace with them; especially if they have regularly been pointed out to us over the years. We all worry about what others think, but for some this can become a complex, or even an obsession. No one is spared here, yet some fear eventually end up hindering our lives and become real obstacles to our personal fulfillment and development.

What is your biggest hang-up according to astrology?

The zodiac signs have an influence on our personalities and how we interact with others, so it makes perfect sense that it also has an impact on our self-esteem and personal image. Find out how confident your zodiac sign is here and what you can do to boost your self-assurance


Taurus worries about not being good enough

Taurus people aren’t known for being anxious, but they can often value money, food, or success, over their own wellbeing. Whether they’ve put on weight or failed to reach their goals, Taurus-borns are going to put themselves down as a result of it. A lack of money and recognition ultimately leaves you with a feeling of inferiority.


Gemini only has very few fears

Gemini friends, you don’t have a complex as such, but the fact that you haven’t finished your studies, completed a project, or formed a long-term relationship, is something that plagues your mind. If this is the case for you, you go out of your way to disguise your anxiety by claiming that you like to live life in this way. This is often called a ‘Peter Pan Complex’, as you’re someone that runs away from responsibilities in the fear of growing up.


Cancer worries about going at things alone

Dear Cancer, all your confidence goes down the drain once someone calls you ‘childish’. You try so hard to cut the cord with your parents, but it’s difficult when you need your mom’s approval on everything you do. This complex, however, isn’t always a bad thing, since it will eventually push you on to get the independence that you’ve long needed.


Leo is the one who looks down on people

If one thing’s for certain, it’s that those born under Leo are extremely confident individuals (or at least very good at hiding their insecurities). Leo-borns have an impressive talent of being able to create the impression of an indestructible, superior character, but be careful- this feigned superiority will only irritate others


Virgo can’t function without love

You might hide it well, but a Virgo like yourself is fully aware of their faults and does everything in their power to make sure they’re concealed. Despite your best efforts, you have a tendency to crumble if your anxieties are put under the spotlight. You want nothing more in your life than to be loved and feel like you bring something to the lives of others.


Virgo flips out when things aren’t perfect

Libra friends, feeling misunderstood by your loved ones is at the core of your complex. It’s this lack of support and imbalance that could eventually lead you to a toxic relationship- so be careful to avoid putting more into a relationship than your partner. You convince yourself that you will succeed in the changing your partner, but only end up making things more complicated.


Scorpio feel inapt in love

As a Scorpio, you always seem to throw yourself headfirst into relationships, which often leads to difficult situations. You’re extremely passionate and can occasionally overdo it in the fear of losing the person you love. Your intense approach is something that very few can reciprocate, and you’re left feeling neglected as a result


Sagittarius is vulnerable

Those born under Sagittarius are incredibly gifted when it comes to hiding away their own anxieties. As people that are particularly proud, they compensate for these concealed faults by painting a false picture of themselves. It’s this false superiority that highlights your anxieties even more, so avoid acting like something you’re not!


Failure scares Capricorn

Growing up in an unstable environment is bound to leave you unsure of who you are. A Capricorn like yourself is quite easily overcome with the fear of seeming incapable, you are also one of the most bitter zodiac signs so goes out of their way to prove themselves. Deep down, you’re most likely just afraid of being abandoned, so it makes sense that you’ll always push yourself to gain the approval of others.


Aquarius never feels accepted for whom they really are

Dear Aquarius, you give off the impression that you’re unfailingly content and not afraid of anything. You like to think that people appreciate you for your charisma and humor, and as a result, worry when you fail to live up to expectations. It’s for this reason that you come on a little strong in the hope of being loved and accepted by all.


Pisces has the ugly duckling complex

Those born under Pisces have a tendency to feel like, no matter how hard they try; they’ll always be worth less than their peers. This inferiority complex is similar to that of the ugly duckling, and will constantly lead you to seek the approval and recognition of others.

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