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Peloton Just Launched Its Own Drool-Worthy Apparel Brand


It’s been kind of a busy week in the Peloton universe (Cody Rigsby is set to be on Dancing With the Stars! Olivia Amato just got engaged!). But beyond exciting developments in the instructors’ personal lives, Peloton itself just made major waves with the official launch of its new, in-house (meaning: their own!) apparel line inspired by the company’s super passionate (and vocal) community. (Related: The Best Peloton Workouts, According to Reviewers)

Peloton Apparel’s inaugural Fall 2021 collection, which officially dropped Thursday, includes an array of must-need pieces, including leggings, hoodies, and tanks, among other items. What’s more, Peloton members, as well as the instructors, tested out the garments to ensure optimal performance during a workout. 

“On the Peloton Facebook page, members are constantly writing comments, criticisms, and feedback,” Jill Foley, Peloton’s vice president of apparel, told People on Thursday. “The instructors will tell me, ‘Jill, this felt funny, this rolls over when I lean over or this is not giving me enough coverage.’ We slowly fine-tuned each style and scoured the Earth to find the best fabrics that fit our members’ needs.”

ICYDK, Peloton has been selling apparel since 2014. But it’s always done so in partnership with companies such as Adidas and Lululemon — that is, of course, until now. Thursday’s launch marks Peloton’s first collection where a majority of the collection features items from the brand’s private label.

“Our members were getting frustrated with the different sizing, because a Spiritual Gangster size small could fit differently than a Beyond Yoga size small,” Foley told People. “We want to give them exactly what they’re looking for. Based on our knowledge over the past eight years Peloton’s been in business, we know precisely what they want.”

The new line features four tried-and-tested fits and fabrics which each offer different functions and benefits:

  • Peloton Cadent Fabric: The brand’s signature, stertch jersey is designed for comfort and ease of motion.
  • Peloton Lite Lines Fabric: The blend of this fabric is lightweight and will help prevent sweat from sticking to your skin.
  • Peloton Move Mission Fabric: This is designed for high-performance activity and feels buttery soft.
  • Peloton Essential Fabric: Light compression and extra stretch are the among the benefits of this design.

If you’re wondering which of the four fabric styles is right for you, you can take the lead of tread, strength, and bike boot camp instructor, Jess Sims, who told People, “I personally love the Peloton Move Mission Fabric. This is what you need to wear for your toughest and sweatiest workouts. It’s so smooth and incredibly supportive. And it can get me through my Saturday 60 [Bootcamp], which says a lot!”

Or you can listen to Rigsby, who advocated for more lifestyle options to wear outside of the studio and is stoked that this collection includes more men’s and gender-neutral pieces. He also told People that he’s most excited for the Striving Short Sleeve T-Shirt (Buy It, $54,, and coordinating Speed 7-inch Lined Velocity Short (Buy It, $60, — after all, it’s hard not to love a good matching set for even the sweatiest of workouts.

Peloton’s Fall 2021 apparel collection features a mix of men’s, women’s, and gender-neutral styles and accessories ranging in price from $15-$118 and size from XS to 3X — all of which are currently available online and in select Peloton showrooms globally. And as if the news of the brand’s private-label line wasn’t enough to hype you up, know that more goodies are sure to come soon enough. “We’re bringing in a ton of other niche products [the instructors have] been asking for and styles like bras for bigger chests,” Foley told People. “It’s taking a little longer to perfect them, but those will be introduced in the coming months.”

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some shopping to do…

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